impianti di condizionamento

Optimal temperature for every climate.

We carry out state of the art ventilation and air conditioning installations, which are the best systems for optimising the inside temperature of your house. 

These air conditioners (Mitsubishi brand) are in fact equipped with a system that allows the control of factors such as the temperature, humidity, and air distribution in the environment. 

Another advantage of the new systems are the considerable energy savings that they provide, which causes a lower environmental impact. 

We operate at both civil and industrial level for the design and construction of air conditioning systems, studying the optimal relocation of each element to optimise the air conditioning of the space, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. 

We install air conditioners of every brand and model, with external and internal units, with heat pump or inverter technology, satisfying every requirement of our customers. 

With particular attention to the energy efficiency of appliances, we supply air conditioning from the best brands, such as Mitsubishi, both energy class A and latest technology, minimising the need to intervene. 

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