Head Engineer Zacchigna, Paolo and Mr Cok, Federico are the legal representatives and technical directors of our company. Our company works with experience and professionalism, this is thanks to the knowledge obtained during the practices of the previous company, founded in 1971.

Idrotermozeta, founded in 2000, combines to the best of its ability, well-established skills with experience and innovation which is a result of our continued updating of personnel, vehicles, and equipment.

We are able to meet the needs of our wide and varied clientele, ranging from private citizens to companies, from apartment buildings to industrial entities, putting our qualified staff at your disposal for the installation of thermal systems, hydro sanitary systems, fire protection systems and air conditioning, underfloor heating systems and thermal solar panels, as well as the implementation of central heating systems, renovation of gas tube systems and all masonry and tile works (as for members of the Cassa Edile di Trieste) 

We also perform maintenance and smoke analysis on all brands of boilers, the compilation of the Type 1 energy efficiency control report and issue of the new installation booklet as per DM. 10/02/2014. 

As of October 2016, we are registered on the Albo Gestori Ambientali in category 10A Class E. (The decontamination of assets containing asbestos– eternit) 

We have two important certifications: Quality system according to SO 9001:2015 issued by the verification body TÜV ITALIA SRL and certificate of qualification for the execution of public works CAT OS3 (CLASS I) e CAT OS28 (CLASS II), issued by the ESNA-SOA Società Organismo di Attenstazione S.p.A. 

Additionally, we have the FGAS-FLI certification (authorisation of installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners and heat pumps containing fluorinated gases). We are also registered with the MEPA (Mercato Elettronico della Pubblica Amministrazione). 

In January 2015 we decided to renovate our premises, therefore 

Please find us at our new HQ VIA PICCARDI n. 45/A – TRIESTE!! 

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