Installation of new Baxi boiler

 In all, baxi

26KW new generation boiler, model Baxi Prime 26, condensing, and high energy efficiency 



  • FREE initial inspection to verify the suitability of installation space. 
  • Home visit by two qualified technicians who will carry out installation. 
  • Dismantling of the existing boiler and authorised landfill disposal. 
  • Installation of boiler complete with electrical, water and gas connections. 
  • Installation of the flue pipe. 
  • Ignition and activation of the boiler. 
  • Compilation and issue of the guarantee (2 years) and the installation booklet. 
  • Completion and issue of the declaration of conformity of the installation. 
  • Explanation of operation and cleaning of the site 


Price from 1350,00 Euros (EXCLUDING VAT) 

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